ictor Knight


Odain alias: Victor


Played By: Spider


Homeworld: Earth


Physical Description:


Victor is 17, 5'10", and very thin. All of his movements are very precise, very exact. He wears jet-black clothes, to go along with his jet-black hair, and usually wears a long coat that reaches down to his ankles. He sometimes wears gloves, as well.




Victor can manipulate nonliving matter, as well as himself. He can fly, and move objects telekinetically in this way, but his main use of the power is to possess things -- computers, machinery, weaponry, and the like. He's at his most dangerous in populated areas, and most conventional weaponry is practically useless against him, because of his powers; in open, empty spaces, or facing magic or monsters, his combat ability lessens considerably. Psionic interference generally has no effect on the use of his powers, though necromancy works well. Telekinetically, Victor can exert a few hundred pounds of force at a time, though power tends to go down as detail goes up, and vice versa. It's less of a strain for him to form a miniature replica of himself in a glass of water, or slice someone apart with a pair of knives, than it is to throw a table at someone.


Victor's life force is not linked to his body in the traditional way, which makes him extremely difficult to kill. He views his body as merely a shell, and if it gets shot in the lungs a few dozen times, or an arm gets ripped off... well, he can fix it later. The only way to harm him permanently, by nonmagical means, is through his brain; he still needs to think to do anything, and if his mind is destroyed, so is he. He can repair his body mentally, as long as he can think clearly enough to do it. The time it takes varies -- as a rule, reattaching a limb takes about a minute of concentration, surface cuts take a few seconds, and everything else tends to fall somewhere in between.




Victor still feels pain like any normal person, unless his sees an attack coming and can deaden his nerves in time, and enough pain can keep him from using his powers, or at least weaken them. Dazing or stunning him tends to work the same way.




Victor is a high school graduate who was just entering college, and a reasonably good student. He's something of an expert on sorcery---the summoning of devils, demons, and elementals---and if he can't remember something on the subject of the top of his head, he'll probably know how to find out. Victor used to conjure devils, but he lacks he resources he needs to do so, now, and probably wouldn't want to in any case.


Equipment: Victor has a few books of magic, one on sorcery and one on necromancy, and also a couple more mundane books on philosophy, theology, and the like. Victor also has a small arsenal of edged weapons -- knives, shuriken, and the like -- that he carries with him when he expects to fight someone.


Personality: Victor is a moody, sometimes obsessive person. He can range from friendly to cynical to angry in an instant, though his personality normally centers on a dissatisfied sarcasm. He tends to keep to himself, unless the conversation turns to a topic that interests him, in which case he'll show an almost disconcerting enthusiasm. All in all, he's not entirely in his right mind. He also has no real problem with killing people, if the situation necessitates it or even if it would just be more convenient to do so.




None, really -- Vic isn't exactly a people person. He does have one ally, in the form of Jun, a telekinetic a couple years younger than him. He looks on Jun as a little sister, albeit one who kills people for him and that he occasionally has to hurt.