Odain alias: Will


Played by: Wilson ( )


Homeworld: "Illusion of Gaia" Earth continuity


Physical Description:


Will is around 13 years old, standing at 5'3 with grey-blue eyes and _unruly_ sandy blonde hair that has been cropped somewhat. He's lost most of his clothes, save for his pants, boots and the leather headband and bracers he usually wears, but, thanks to Terasuko, he wears now a big blue cloak over his shoulders. 


Freedan: (transformed state #1) The dark knight Freedan *looks* around 25, stands at 6'4, and has the same eye color as Will, and rather long, straight blonde hair and slim facial features. He wears a full-plate suit of dark blue/black armour, and a long flowing cape that's a dark grey on one side, and bright vermilion on the reversal, and always carries a broadsword in hand.


Shadow: (second transformed state) Over time, Will has regained the ability to turn into the fire and water spirit.  Shadow's form is a mass of pale blue ethereal flames in the shape of a human. While he appears to be a specter in this state, Will's body is still solid. Shadow is about 5'9, and his eyes are completely blue/grey with no whites. The flames that compose his body aren't real, and aside from his hands, they cannot burn any living thing. 




Will has the power of telekinesis, in that he can move inanimate objects with his mind.  However there are limits to how much dead weight he can lift, and he can only move one object (no matter the weight) at a time. Freedan can also use a much weaker form of telekinesis, but as Shadow Will has no such powers. Will also makes use of an astral plane known as the "Dark Space" in which he can transform into either Freedan or Shadow.


Freedan: The dark knight can use an attack called "Dark Friar".  The spell itself is a medium strength energy blast, however it is time consuming to charge up (in his sword) and is also slow moving.  This spell will only harm those who harbor evil thoughts or are evil by nature; it is ineffective against the innocent and the unconscious.


Shadow: Shadow possesses both Will's speed and Freedan's physical strength. He can levitate 2 feet off the ground, and hovers when he walks or runs, which explains why he can't use telekinesis.  Also, Shadow can form his hands into 10-inch flaming blades in order to fight. Unlike the rest of his body, these blades are very dangerous, possessing the same qualities of say, a lightsaber's blade.




Will, being only a child, is not very strong physically, and despite his powers, he can easily be hurt as such. There are limits to his transformations.  Will can only turn into Freedan for the purpose of fighting evil, no other.  Will cannot ascent into Shadow's form unless either A) Freedan has failed (very rare since usually if the dark knight fails, Will ends up unconscious) or B) to protect others who can't defend themselves. Freedan, while possessing immense strength (for a human level) and high endurance, is somewhat slow moving in his armour. He can also be easily drowned because of the armour's weight.  Shadow, despite appearances can be hurt (albeit with little more resistance) like a human.  However his body doesn't truly show damage, merely becoming more transparent the more he is hurt.




Will has a natural talent for playing the flute, and is remarkably skilled for his age. He can read sheet music, and is a very good sprinter. Since he has no real weapon (normally) he has picked up the habit of using his flute effectively as a club from time to time.  Freedan can't play the flute, but he is very skilled with a sword.  Shadow has no true skills other than the ability to fight with the blades he can form with his hands.




A purple flute, which is almost two feet long and is unexplainably indestructible and a man's silver ring with a dark blue gem on a chain around his neck.  Aside from his clothing and cloak, Will has little else. Freedan only has his armor and sword as equipment and Shadow has none.




Somewhat shy and aloof, Will possesses an amazing amount of insight for someone his age, after literally spanning the globe in his world.  He has a very kind nature, but is very determined in his actions.  He's very honest and will always try to do what's right.  However, after the events in "Illusion of Gaia" Will has been separated from the love of his life, a girl named Kara.  Because of this, Will sometimes lapses into a mild depression, as he truly misses her. He's also been through _A_LOT_ of emotional scarring

since he's come to Odain, and this too can cause him to break down if he's not careful. Freedan has a cold, straightforward, determined personality, but Will's own persona often breaks through his.  Shadow is an emotionless being, even though Will is in control of him.




Most of the friends Will had back on Earth are now gone, and Kara's whereabouts are unknown to him.  However, he's become quite well known in Odain, thanks to his abilites with the flute, for better or worse.  He considers himself responsible for the rapid decline in Jun Soutomi's mental stability, and thanks to Aeris betraying him, Terasuko is the only person Will truly trusts anymore. Oh yeah, he's not too fond of Justonav either.


Theme Music: "Cruel Angel's Thesis" (remix)