Odain alias: Wyrm


Played by: Robert Duncan


Homeworld: Earth.


Physical Description:


His hair is long, covering over his face. It's, in some regions, raven black, and in other regions, blizzard white. His skin is pale, like the dead's. Wyrm's eyes are very large, always very wide, and golden. His mouth is always in a twisted grin, with VERY long fangs, in place of his canines. On both bottom and top jaws.


Wyrm is 5'10", and very thin. He never wears shoes, and his nails stretch out by half an inch. Wyrm wears a white, torn shirt and brown pants. His clothes NEVER change.




Wyrm, even though he is half demon, possesses no powers. However, after he was possessed, his agility has increased 5 times that of a normal man. As for strength...it isn't too impressive. He can lift a grown man over his head. Be careful - he bites.




Becoming half-demon also provided Wyrm with some...slight problems...


For one thing, Wyrm can only be told what to do out of fear, so scaring orders into him might work.


Wyrm cannot walk on Holy Ground. This means any ground that has been concsecrated or otherwise infused with holy power.




Wyrm has no skills, to what we know. You can teach him some, but I doubt he'll listen.




He talks like a primitive. For example: "Wyrm knows what that is. But, Wyrm not know what...THAT is.."


As for the rest of his persona: He's a few eggs short of a basket. He's very paranoid, trusts only women, or as he calls them "Pretties." Wyrm has a paranoia of Magic. The making and unmaking of matter and the like has always been a total mystery to him. He can't understand it. All he knows is that it is powerful and not to be reckoned with. So, if he gets into a fight with someone like Justanov, he will probably attempt to escape. Basically, Wyrm's like Gollum from The Hobbit, almost.