avier Ross


Odain Alias: Xavier


Played By: NRH


Homeworld: (future, alternate) Marvel Universe


Physical Description:


Xavier is a somewhat short man, with thinning brown hair. He stands approximately 5'4" and weighs around 140 pounds. He is not very muscular, and is somewhat out of shape. His eyes are a dull blue. He wears an off-the-rack suit that fits him reasonably well, but has his work uniform in his briefcase. His work uniform is more durable than his suit, made of special self-regenerating fibers; it is blue, with X sigils on the belt buckle, left breast, and shoulders.




Xavier has a single mutant power: He is able to establish long-term 'blocks' on the exercise of other powers. This requires repeated, extensive physical contact with the being to be restrained in such manner. A single one-hour session of sustained contact can create a block to last a week; five such sessions can make such a block near-permanent. The individual thus blocked cannot break the block, though outside interference can do so. This ability has never been tried against completely inhuman or nonmutant powers. There is no external display of power even while the process is occuring. It is also an involuntary process, and takes place whether he desires to use it or not. The person being blocked will not notice anything unless their power is in use while the block is building; in this case, they will notice their power steadily weakening. Whether the individual involved recognizes anything going on depends on the target; anyone whose power is in constant use or who can feel their power would notice it going away, whereas those who summon up or unleash their powers at intervals wouldn't know anything was wrong until they tried to actually use their powers.




Xavier has all the normal weaknesses of a human. Furthermore, his lifestyle is largely sedentary, leaving him with somewhat slower reflexes than the norm. He has no protections against attack while attempting to use his power; for example, if he tried to block Richard from changing forms, whether or not the power would be effective once completed, Richard would be fully capable of turning to Serothen and biting Xavier's head off before the process could finish.




Xavier is trained in abnormal psychology; he holds a medical degree in that specialization. He knows basic anatomy and related fields, but is by no means qualified to do more, physically, than administer first aid. He is reasonably good at math, having had a full collegiate education, and in fact has a bachelor's degree in life sciences (with a full backing in the liberal arts). His profession, before Odain, was treating 'rogue' mutants until they could rejoin society at large. As part of his psychiatric training, he knows how to put someone into hypnosis, but this requires either a cooperative patient or a restrained one.




Xavier has his briefcase, which contains his work uniform, a silver pocketwatch, several pens, a notepad, and a number of bureaucratic forms about which he could hardly care less. He has his wallet in a suit pocket, which contains several forms of ID, credit cards, and a few dollars in paper money.




Xavier is best described as phlegmatic. It is very hard to disturb him... under normal circumstances. He is not, however, physically daring, and is aware that being attacked scares the crap out of him. He is able to deal with emotional shocks or revelations without being phased; all part of the job. While not quick to make friends, he easily forms professional attachments; he prefers to retain a businesslike atmosphere with those around him. This may be part of the reason he has remained a lifelong bachelor. Xavier is not religious; there are enough super-powered individuals in his world that he sees no particular reason to worship yet another one that he doesn't even know exists. Xavier does believe firmly that everyone can be given treatment and restored to normal society; his normal society is a near-future version of the Marvel Universe in which Professor Charles Xavier (for whom Xavier was named) served as a mutant Martin Luther King Jr., helping to form a society in which mutant powers are not feared, but used for the common good. Thus, he is used to, for example, seeing telekinetics helping at construction sites, pyrokinetics controlling house fires, and seeing formshifters in Hollywood films.


Connections: Xavier has no connections within Odain.