uki Hiramatsu


Odain Alias: Yuki


Played By: Kou Aidou


Homeworld: Odain


Physical Description:


Yuki is a 5'8 girl with a delicate, almost frail-seeming build.  She has pale blue eyes, and nearly white skin.  Her hair is black, straight, and long enough to reach down to her hips.  She wears a flowing white long-sleeved dress, but no shoes.  Her body always feels slightly cool to the touch, and the air directly around her always seems just noticeably cooler than normal room temperature.


Powers: Yuki is an ice mage, and has the following powers as a result:


  • Temperature Control- Yuki can lower the temperature of a given area within her sight range, but the greater the area she wishes to affect, the less control she will have over the area.  She could affect a small glass of room temperature water enough to freeze it, or lower the temperature in a room the size of Heart's lobby by a few degrees, though this would barely be noticeable.  This ability cannot be used directly on living tissue, though it can affect the air directly surrounding it.


  • Ice Breath- Yuki can breathe a short stream of freezing air from her mouth. This will remain in the air for only a few moments if it doesn't make contact with something, and will not extend beyond a two feet in front of Yuki's face.  This is cold enough to cause mild frostbite in normal human skin that it comes in contact with.


  • Cold Screen- Yuki can create a two dimensional, circular, invisible screen of cold with anywhere within four feet of her.  Any non-organic matter passing through the immediate center of this field will lose its momentum and freeze over.  Objects passing through further from the center will suffer less of this effect, up to two feet from the center, in which it has no effect.


  • Northern Lights- Yuki can create a set of flashing, multi-colored illusionary lights anywhere within her line of sight.  These lights have no actual substance of their own, but could possibly have a disorienting or hypnotic effect on the watcher.


Though Yuki can detect changes in the temperature around her, her body temperature will maintain itself through most of these, even on the more extreme ends of the scale.  This isn't flawless, of course, and prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures will have an effect on her (particularly on the high end of the scale), though to less of an extent than it would a normal person.




Yuki is physically quite weak and frail and may overexert herself easily on tasks that may seem simple to others.  She's also prone to brief fainting spells brought on by this overexertion.




Yuki has fairly extensive knowledge about the area of the surface of Odain where she lived, and the local flora and geometry thereof.  She is also an excellent cook, and a fair hand at sculpting.  Other than these, she has no skills of note.


Equipment: Yuki has no equipment save for her clothing.




Despite her nature as an ice mage, Yuki is a genuinely warm and caring person.  She's been isolated for a long time, and this has left her longing for the friendship and trust of others, and the desire to prove herself useful in order to gain that friendship.  She also has a great fear of loss, which can often result in her getting unnecessarily paranoid and attached to certain people.




The only character Yuki is acquainted with in Odain is Glazius, who brought her back to Heart after finding her on the surface.