Paul M. Arezina
206 Highland Road
Penn Hills, PA 15235
(412) 371-4830

Hello, prospective groupmates!

My name is Paul Arezina, and I'm a master's student in the Department of Information Science at the University of Pittsburgh. You probably knew that, but an introduction has to start somewhere.

A Brief Bio

I've lived in Pennsylvania all my life, and I've been programming for most of it. more...


I'm interested in user interfaces and the psychology of the user, in CSS and the DOM and what they can do for Web design, and in XML and XSL and what they can do for everything else. I've got experience working with C++ in a professional environment, Java, JavaScript, and CSS in more academic environments, and COBOL on the off-chance anyone actually knows what that is. more...


Go out and grab Mozilla Firefox immediately if not sooner. There are some other sites I can point you to if you're interested. more...